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Kuler : Evaporator Mint 35 ( 1,125 Watt Cooling Capacity )


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- With their considerably compact dimensions MINT unit coolers are especially designed for application in refrigerator and small cabinet. They are intended for Medium temperature and low temperature applications (“Evaporator Temperature" between 0°C and -20°C). 

- MINT consists of 6 models that cover a capacity ranging from 380.6 to 1,125 watts.


- Heat Exchanger

• Manufactured with rippled aluminium fins (fin spacing 5.0mm.) and inner-grooved copper tubes (diameter 9.53mm or 3/8") and (diameter 12.7 mm or 1/ 2 “)

• Using fin pattern 25.4 x 22mm and fin patten 35 x 35 which is exclusively designed for producing coils for refrigerated cold rooms in order to optimize heat exchanger efficiency

• Carefully degreased and air pressure tested at 30 bars High heat exchanger performance

• Varietyof coils can be selected as they are manufactured by our own factory


• Base of casing is made of galvanized steel. Cover is aluminum casing.

• Light weight, beautifully designed and safe due to no sharp or cutting edges

• Hygienic due to round-cornered casing, lack of corrosive elements and no rust or toxic particles peeling of the casing material

• Robust, high thermal and mechanical shock-proof 

• Environmental friendly as the casing is totally recyclable.

• drip tray allows condensation to drain freely. It facilitates easy installation, maintenance and cleaning.It allows full access to all unit components and allows
casing removal too.


• 50 Hz fan assembly (OD 230mm) is designed with Aluminium fan. life lubricated motor, connected to the junction box .

• The guards are designed to a new concept with moulded fins which allow better air distribution to the coil and improve the unit cooler appearance.

Kuler : Evaporator Mint 35

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  • Kuler : Evaporator Mint 35


Model Cooling Capacity (W) Dimensions (mm.) Air Flow Surface Area Tube Volume  Fan Ø (mm) 
TE = 0 °C , TD = 8 K High Wide Deep m³/h
Mint 12 380.6 124.77 408 449 193.7 1.19 0.52 230 x 1
Mint 22 744.7 124.77 694 449 383.2 2.34 1.02 230 x 2
Mint 32 1125 126.3 994 449 574 3.5 1.53 230 x 3

Data Test at Condition R404A , Evaporator Temperature 0°C to -13°C

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